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Don't believe what the conspiracy theorists say about the Satanic Illuminati that rule the world in total darkness and secrecy. Conspiracy theorists know nothing about the inner workings of real voodoo, Obeah, Palo Mayombe, and black magic spells that involve selling your soul to the Devil for instant fame and fortune. The Real Illuminati Order of the rich and famous is connected to the Bizango Secret Society of Haiti that in Cuba is called Santo Cristo Buen Viaje Kimbiza con Bizango. Bill Clinton, the Satanic Illuminati president of presidents, is a distinguished member of the Bizango Secret Society, and Clinton is a powerful bokor or real black magic voodoo priest that has voodoo zombies working for him in factories in Haiti. There is also an online painting of Bill Clinton standing in front of the Palo Mayombe cauldron used in Cuban-Haitian Bizango death rites. It is also know that superstars Jay-Z and Beyonce went to Cuba to enhance the black magic pact they made with the Devil to be on top in the Illuminati Music Industry.

People on the inside know that Haiti and Cuba preserve the black magic teachings of the Bavarian Illuminati that claimed magical descent from African Moors domiciled in 16th century Germany. The very special relationship Palo Mayombe has to the Bavarian Illuminati is documented. Abakua leader and Illuminati Freemason Andres Facundo Cristo de los Dolores Petit (1830-1878) re-structured Kimbiza to conform to the secret rules and rituals of the Illuminati Vatican. Some scholars even compare the Reform of Petit to the clandestine German movements of the late 1700s that for the rise of Illuminati. This is not to mention that there are 18th century German occult documents clearly showing that the highest degree of the Illuminati deals with making a pact with the Devil so the real spell caster is able to cast the most powerful black magic spells called "Cabbala Major". When the Bavarian Illuminati went underground its black magic teachings re-surfaced in Jamaica and Haiti. From these two islands Illuminati black magic spread to Cuba, where it got blended with voodoo death cults called Obeah and Palo Mayombe. Thus Andres Facundo Cristo de los Dolores Petit was not the first to mix voodoo death cults of Haitian and Cuban orientations with the black magic teachings of the Illuminati that French occultists brought to Haiti and Martinique during the time of French Revolution.

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The Palo Mayombe pact with Lucifer is the key to getting rich overnight and living as a real Satanic Illuminati. That making a pact in the graveyard with the Devil is a very important part of Cuban black magic and sorcery has been noted by real spell casters that practice Palo Mayombe. Esteban Montejo shares: "That was when they swore an oath that meant saying to the prenda [real black magic voodoo spells shrine], I will do evil and do your bidding. That oath was spoken at midnight, which is the Devil's hour. In a pact with the Congo Devil, the oath was no joke; it was no tall tale. It had to be done right. If not, a person could even die all of sudden." Nicholaj de Mattos Frisvold states: "An example of a work typically made at the feet of Lukankazi [Voodoo Lucifer] is one that finds a curious Western [occult/Illuminati] reference in the dreaded pactum diabolicum which in these cases often involves a pactum mortis, pacts with restless and vile dead ones upon taking the Devil as your witness."

This is your chance to channel the magical powers of the ancient god-kings that used gold to symbolize their divine right to rule. This is your chance get rich beyond your wildest dreams with the only black magic money spell that is GUARANTEED to work very fast. Just be very aware that once you sell your soul to the Devil to be Illuminati there is no turning back.