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"The man who swears to God also swears to Satan."
-Palo Mayombe Proverb

Once upon a time, in the mecca of real Jamaican Voodoo, obeah, hoodoo, and real black magic spells, there lived a young Spiritual Baptist and Zion Revivalist with a Hispanic and Jamaican heritage nicknamed Angel. To this day many Spiritual Baptists in Flatbush, Crown Heights and East New York still remember that Angel died and was brought back to life by the power of the Holy Spirit. According to Angel, when he died in the streets of New York he passed through a bright white light, and ended up in heaven.

This near death experience led Angel to believe that he was chosen by God to walk in the footsteps of Jesus himself because God raised Jesus from the dead to be the Light of the World. When God brought Angel back to life, he blessed his new messiah with the ability to predict the future, heal people with his hands, and use the Holy Spirit to cast out all demons and devils. Angel's reputation as a Spiritual Baptist with the power to deliver people from the jaws of the devil quickly spread from New York City to Jamaica, and other Caribbean islands where black magic, obeah, Santeria, Palo Mayombe and voodoo are fervently practiced. Even though Angel did not like being referred to as a New York City spiritualist and psychic, he thought his popularity with people in the islands who believed in Santeria, Palo Mayombe, voodoo, obeah and real black magic spells was a sign from God.

Angel aspired to become the most powerful Christian spiritual healer and prophet the world has ever seen. His talent was breaking real black magic spells, obeah revenge spells, and powerful voodoo death curses. Even though Angel was able to defeat very powerful psychics, obeah men, hoodoo doctors, voodoo priests, and real spell casters, he could not overpower Uncle Demon and Legion, the two most important evil duppy ghosts in the Jamaican Kabbalah very similar to the satanic Exu spirits of Afro-Brazilian Kimbanda or Luciferian Voodoo. As soon as Angel dedicate his entire life to preaching the Gospel, casting out demons and devils, and performing all sorts of miracles, everything went wrong in his life, and black magic voodoo curse after black magic voodoo curse fell on his head.

Angel prayed to God for help, but was not delivered. The pressure and pain got so bad that Angel lost all faith in God, and decided to turn to the dark side of the force for help after Uncle Demon appeared to him the mirror, and showed him the black magic secrets of the Illuminati. A visitation in the mirror from Uncle Demon (an evil duppy ghost associated with Papa Bones) inspired Angel to read all the Jamaican black magic spell books of de Laurence, learn how to summon 72 Goetia demons, mourn in the Trinidadian Kabbalah to Prince of Darkness and Skull and Cross, and take initiation into the Cuban-Jamaican branch of Palo Mayombe called Voodoo and Obeah. The real spell caster of real spell casters refers to himself as Doktor Lucifer because of the great importance a medieval Black European depiction of the fallen angel Lucifer plays in Jamaican Voodoo, Obeah, Palo Mayombe, and all real black magic voodoo spells that work fast. Lucero Mundo is the primary voodoo spirit in Palo Mayombe, and his name literally translates from Cuban Spanish to mean Illuminati, that is, the Light of the World. Lucero Mundo's sigil is a variation of the Knights Templar whose black magic mysteries are the foundation of the real Satanic Illuminati.

In addition to Lucero Mundo, Lucifer's Palo Mayombe name is Lukankazi, and the primary sigil for Lukankazi is a variation of the All-Seeing Eye of the real Satanic Illuminati. The Jamaican and Haitian black magic voodoo societies of Cuba and New York City glorify the All-Seeing Eye of the Illuminati in their cults of Sasabonsam and Lukankazi, the father of Papa Bones, Uncle Demon, and Legion or 666 Duppy Ghost. In "Palo Mayombe: The Garden of Blood and Bones", Frisvold states: "Lukankazi is an nkisi [black magic voodoo shrine] that has been syncretized with the Devil and in the same vein he is celebrated on Holy Friday, the day when Jesus gave up his spirit and left a vacuum of power to be taken by his spiritual adversary…His firmas [black magic symbols] are different from the others and appear reminiscent of a cat like fiend with fangs and often one eye." Aleister Crowley attributes Baphomet, the black magic leader of the Knights Templar, to the one eye symbolism found in the most ancient African cults of the Devil revived by the real Satanic Illuminati.

Many believe Doktor Lucifer is one of the most powerful Satanic Illuminati in America because of his very special relationship to Lucifer manifesting as the bloodthirsty and baneful Lukankazi. Palo Mayombe authentic initiation into the Cuban-Haitian cult of Lukankazi gives Doktor Lucifer access to the strongest form of demon possession, which is needed to cast the real black magic spells, and be a real Satanic Illuminati. With the help Lukankazi, Uncle Demon, Legion, and Prince of Darkness and Skull and Cross, Doktor Lucifer is able to cast the most powerful black magic spells in the world. Whatever type of black magic spell you need Doktor Lucifer is able to cast so that you are guaranteed very fast results.