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Doktor Lucifer Tata Engo is believed by many to be the most powerful spellcaster in the world and a spiritual leader from the real Satanic Illuminati cult. Occult writers and conspiracy theorist both acknowledge that Doktor Lucifer Tata Engo has very intimate ties to real Satanic Illuminati cult. Here are a few things that have been said about on the topic:

"The ILLUMINATI setup Jay-Z... and Tata Engo to indoctrinate... the so-called hip-hop generation."

"Many believe that Doktor Lucifer is one of the most powerful Satanic Illuminati in America... I would not be surprised if Apple executives enlisted the service of a powerful shaman who acts as a medium for 666 psychic duppy ghosts.
            -BuzzFeed News


Customers have noted that the Doktor Lucifer is the most powerful spellcaster and obeah man advertising black magick voodoo spells that work. Look at what people from all walks of life are saying all over the internet about Doktor Lucifer and his Black Magick Spells:

"Doktor Lucifer's Black Magick is the strongest!"
-C. Frances


"Doktor Lucifer's black magick is the strongest. I can vouch that it's very real."
-Caroline Wangechi

"I love the professionalism, the honesty, the realness. Doktor Lucifer is the most powerful. All of his black magic spells work!"
-Carol Edwards

"I called a couple of years ago for a spiritual reading after being referred from a woman in Atlanta. I know that Doktor Lucifer's services include dark magic but this wasn't what I was looking for. My reading confirmed some things and revealed other things. It was real and I knew that the cleansing he prescribed was needed. I traveled to Doktor Lucifer and we did the cleansing ritual. It was very powerful and effective. Doktor Lucifer is as much a light worker as he is a dark worker and there is no one else in his tradition that I would ever go to for a needed service. He as professional and worth every coin paid."
            -Karena Doresy


"I met Doktor Lucifer! He did a ceremony for me and cast my shells...divination...the things I saw... would put shivers up most people's spines..."

"Before I went to Doktor Lucifer nothing was working right in my life. I had all types of bad luck and negative vibes. Most spellcasters and voodoo priests were not strong enough to help, but I thought I'd give it a try one last time. Then I found Doktor Lucifer Tata Engo on YouTube chanting to the Palo Mayombe Satan called Lukakanzi. I sold my soul to the Devil to be a demon girl. Thanks to the voodoo master of masters, now I am prospering as an upscale escort and sugar baby. Doktor Lucifer's satanic black magick spells and Jamaican obeah put a queen on my throne! Doktor Lucifer is the truth, I swear on my life! Anyone who ever writers a bad review about him is a liar and hater! Hail Lucifer 666!"
    -Tantric Goddess Oshun

"My time is coming. Soon I will be one of the biggest hip-hop artists of all times."
-Nkuyu Is Bullet Proof

"This man [Doktor Lucifer] is fantastic...contact him and he will give u everything u seek.
-Amanda Lepley


"Doktor Lucifer is real! He told me thing happening in my life that I'm realizing three years later. He knew more about me than I did. His spells work immediately! I put my life on it."

"I was never one to believe in psychics or magic until by chance I came across Doktor Lucifer. I was in a very desperate situation. I barely had to speak a word and he gave me a complete description almost as if he was watching it happen. The details were so specific. It is no way he could have known or guessed by asking questions and given general answers. He told me exactly to the letter what I needed to do and the situation was resolved in a matter of hours. I am not naïve. That was one of the most powerful experiences I have ever had. If you don't believe you will within moments of your first encounter. If you are looking for solutions, you are looking in the right place."

"Doktor Lucifer is the most powerful spell caster; his black magic surely works."

"Doktor Lucifer Voodoo is the strongest black magick there is... And I must say that he is like no other. He is the real thing! He has helped me so much and I am very thankful."